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Holiday Gift-Giving
Originally posted by digitaldesigner at Holiday Gift-Giving

❄ Sign up below to participate.
❄ Your wishes can be fic, icons, tag banners, wallpapers, mini mixes, gifs, recs, anything.
❄ Post gifts as a response. Each reply is worth 5 points.
❄ You can make as many gifts as you want, but you can only receive points for 10 gifts.
❄ Ask any questions about the challenge in the challenge post at fandomverse.
❄ Post the links to your gift threads in the challenge post to receive your points.
❄ Challenge ends December 30.

Thursday Night Discussion!
Originally posted by craponaspatula at Thursday Night Discussion!

(gif for stiffleaves)

No new episode tonight. Let's help the time pass more quickly by doing our weekly discussion anyway.  All time zones included!

"Glee, Actually" Discussion Post
Originally posted by teaspoonofsand at "Glee, Actually" Discussion Post

DS: AP, Putumayo, AATP, BTSSB, IW, MmM, Bodyline.
Originally posted by animerei at DS: AP, Putumayo, AATP, BTSSB, IW, MmM, Bodyline.

My top 50 of 2012
Originally posted by sunshine_flying at My top 50 of 2012